Imagine your event in advance. What kind of crowd will you have? Will it be more formal or relaxed and casual? Is it a formal event but you want to add some fast paced fun to spice it up? These are all things to keep in mind when deciding on your photo layout. Our 2×6 print option can be adjusted to have 3 or 4 pics where our deluxe 4×6 prints can be set up with 1, 2 3 or 4 pics. All options are incredibly fun, but tailoring this to your guests will make your them more comfortable and the booth will be used more throughout your event. Today we are going to examine the benefits and drawbacks of a large single image print.



  • Great for older guests but loved by all!
  • Less photos = Faster service (the line moves faster!)
  • Larger print size is easier to see your guests faces and outfits
  • Elderly guests appreciate not having to take multiple photos in a row


  • Since there is only one image and it is large, guests scrutinize the way they look more than our multi photo options.
  • Picky guests often take more attempts to get the right photo, which could slow the service.
  • Larger print size is slightly less convenient to carry with you than our classic 2×6 strips.