Attendant Info


  • Booth main system and power cords
  • Printer
  • Printer table
  • Backdrop frame
  • Backdrop
  • Sandbags
  • Props Bin
  • Extra print supplies
  • Floor Mat
  • Painters tape
  • Business cards
  • Charge your phone or bring charger


  • Open Chrome and go to Gmail. 
  • Find email with the event template files. Open email. 
  • Download files altogether, not individually. 
  • Open zip folder and extract files. 
  • Open social booth and type in new event name. Click save event. 
  • Click on templates tab at the top. 
  • Click X, Y coordinates. 
  • Click import coordinates.txt. 
  • Navigate to extracted files folder and click on the coordinates file. Click the X. 
  • Look at the preview and if its a mulit-image template, check to make sure that the example shows consecutive numbers in the photo slots, for example 1, 2, 3.
  • The example often shows something like 1, 1, 1, and this is glitch. To fix, click the X, Y coordinates button again and then simply click the X button. 
  • Examine template design to make sure it looks correct. Click save and start.


  • Arrive minimum of one hour early
  • Meet with planner or employee that can guide you to the set up location, also ask for Wi-Fi and a table for props if it’s not supplied
  • Do not set up your backdrop in front of a window unless there is no other option. 
  • Set up Photo Booth 6 feet from center of the backdrop parallel with the face of the booth
  • Check all connections
  • Template set up (if not set up)
  • Frame photo for the average height person so you can easily tilt the system forward or backward
  • Focus your camera. Set it to auto focus and then have someone jump in for a test model. Press the camera shutter button halfway down to allow camera to focus. Then switch the focus to manual.
  • Test photo booth making changes to your zoom and flash intensity if needed. Stop when you are happy with the result. Be careful not to bump the focus ring on the front of the lens or it may change the focus or you will need to refocus.
  • If the printer is cutting your 4×6 in half or your 2×6 isn’t being cut, close social booth and open computer settings. Find your printer and click “manage”, then printer preferences.
    Mitsubushi printer: Select appropriate 2×6 or 4×6 size.
    DNP models: “enable 2 inch cut”.
  • Send manager a test photo text, a phone photo of the print itself and a photo of the overall set up showing the backdrop system and props table
  • Secure cords with tape and tidy any excess cords 
  • Arrange props on the table provided
  • Once approved from manager, turn your flash model light on when you are ready for business