A Time for Science has been doing great work spreading the good word of science and literacy in Eastern NC for some time now. They really went all out to throw one awesome party at the Rock Springs Center to celebrate the ribbon cutting and completion of the Chia Yu Li Planetarium. PartyBox was honored to be a part of it! To see the full album, download and order prints, go to: https://partyboxphoto.smugmug.com/The-Starlight-Soriee-A-Time-fo/

The Starlight Soriee_48 The Starlight Soriee_32 The Starlight Soriee_22

The Starlight Soriee_4The Starlight Soriee_17 The Starlight Soriee_25 The Starlight Soriee_55 The Starlight Soriee_73 The Starlight Soriee_83 The Starlight Soriee_86 The Starlight Soriee_106 The Starlight Soriee_111 The Starlight Soriee_120 The Starlight Soriee_134

To see the full album, download and order prints, go to: http://willpreslarphotography.smugmug.com/PartyBox-Photo-Booth/The-Starlight-Soriee-A-Time-fo/