For the PartyBox maiden voyage, we were attacked by werewolves, freaks and ghouls at the Pitt Community College Fall Fest.

Fortunately, they only came to party. It turns out that freaks and monsters are total hams for the camera. We had a blast, our supernatural friends didn’t steal any souls (that we know of) and we raised some money for the PCC Graphic Design & Advertising department. We’re super excited for next year!

Party-Box-@-PCC_fall festParty-Box-@-PCC_118Party-Box-@-PCC_30Party-Box-@-PCC_59Party-Box-@-PCC_95Party-Box-@-PCC_79Party-Box-@-PCC_52Party-Box-@-PCC_139Party-Box-@-PCC_46Party-Box-@-PCC_9Party-Box-@-PCC_32